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General Information

This photo etch set is made for the Trumpeter Titanic model (1:200 scale) and covers the outer A-deck profiles of Titanic's superstructure. One of the biggest gripes with the Trumpeter model is how heavy and thick the A-deck profiles are. This set solves this problem by providing all new profiles that are perfectly in scale and also include all of the details that are missing from the Trumpeter profiles. 


The photo etch set is created with the highest level of quality and accuracy in mind. Every detail represented is based on the latest research available to ensure a realistic looking product that will lift your model from a basic plastic kit to the level of a true museum quality model. 


Details covered in this product


  • Promenade windows, mooring ports and washports in their correct location and with the correct dimensions. 


  • Properly scaled and modelled stanchions for A-deck and B-deck. 


  • Rivets around the A-deck promenade windows.


  • Plate laps along the entire superstructure profiles. 


  • Backing plates that add depth and an inner frame to the promenade windows. The backing plates also include the framing detail on the inside of the superstructure profiles. 


  • The entire Bridge front with realistic looking details both from the front and the back.


  • All coaling outriggers including their baseplate, correctly modelled and with proper dimensions. 


  • Teak railings for all areas covered by the set. 
  • Bulwark supporters and stanchions profiles to create the T-shape.


  • Platforms for the poll system. 


  • Cleats for radial davits.


  • Expansion joints. 


Instruction Manual

The instruction manual will be available HERE


Happy Modelling!

RMS Titanic - A-Deck - Superstructure Profiles

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