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General Information

This photo etch set is made for the Trumpeter Titanic model (1:200 scale) and covers the areas of the hull where there was hydraulic riveting. Once installed, the photo etch pieces stretch from the forward well-deck area to the aft well-deck area and cover B-Deck, C-deck, D-deck and parts of E-deck. 


The photo etch set is created with the highest level of quality and accuracy in mind. Every detail represented is based on the latest research available to ensure a realistic looking product that will lift your model from a basic plastic kit to the level of a true museum quality model. 


Details covered in this product


  • Every single rivet in its exact location. The rivet pattern is based on the very latest research available.
  • All doubling plates, each one unique to the other. There are a total of 90 doubling plates for each side of the ship. 
  • All windows, portholes and mooring ports in their correct location and with the correct dimensions. 
  • Backing plates to add depth and and an inner frame to the windows on B-deck and C-deck. 
  • Backing plates to add depth and an inner frame to the 19x24 inch portholes on C-deck and D-deck. 
  • All gangway doors on B-deck, C-deck, D-deck and parts of E-deck. The doors on D-deck and E-Deck are etched with a cutout to allow you to model them open or closed. 
  • Doors for aft well-deck wash ports and safety bars of the forward well-deck wash ports.
  • Expansion joints and all visible plate laps. 


Instruction Manual

The instruction manual is available HERE


Happy Modelling!

RMS Titanic - B/C/D-Deck - Hull Profiles

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