Store Policy

1. The products sold through this website may vary in appearance compared to the product pictures. Differences may be seen in color, brightness, etc. 

2. The seller retains the right to refuse any order, without indicating reason or motives. The seller may also restrict the quantity of an order of a specific product. 

3. Except for confirmed orders, the seller retains the right to modify without any further notice the prices and any other terms concerning products listed on the website. 

4. The total price indicated on the order form includes all taxes linked to the sending and delivery of the goods. All other taxes, including the charges for the importation due in the country of delivery must be paid exclusively by the buyer.

5. The sole buyer is exclusively liable for the full conformity of the sale in his country of domicile or the country and / or the country of delivery. 

The buyer certifies being of legal age, having the right and the authority to order such good, having previously checked to insure that the order does not infringe any regulation of the applicable law in the country of delivery or the country of his domicile and that all information furnished to the seller are true. 

The seller shall never be liable on any ground what so ever for the non-conformity of the goods with the applicable regulations. 

6.The products are sold "as is". No warranty applies. 

7. Every goods must be paid prior to shipment. No merchandise can leave if the payment has not been noticed in our records. Cancellations are accepted if they occur before the order is sent to the supplier. For a credit card/PayPal transaction, cancellation can be done within one week following the transaction par carte bancaire. Refund charges are 20.00 USD per transaction. 


Payment Methods

- PAYPAL (Credit / Debit Card or PayPal account)






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